Who is YD run by? What is it’s philosophy? What are the instructors like? Find out all about us here.


Celebrating 20 years of YD

img01YD started in 1991 at Park School, Dartington. Indie Lyndale was the climbing instructor from the very first year and then became manager in 2002. She took it over completely in 2008 with her partner Theo Young and they have been running it as a family business ever since.



Realness, Freedom and Fun

img13We value doing real activities in real places like rock climbing on actual rock. We employ dedicated and qualified adults who love the activities they instruct.
We are very child-centric and place great emphasis on the individual child’s freedom to choose what they want to do, when and with whom. It’s their holiday after all.
There is always lots to learn at YD but it’s not at all like school. Learning is something which happens naturally at YD and doesn’t have to be forced.


Experience meets youthful enthusiasm…

img02What sets our staff apart is their dedication to YD and to their activity. Some have been working at YD for 20 years and are experts in their fields, others started as children at the camp and have stayed on to become instructors and bring the energy and enthusiasm of youth with them. Each and every one of them returns every year filled with enthusiasm, commitment and the joy of meeting up with old friends.. They literally love it as much as the kids do.
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Indie and Theo

Indie and Theo
Indie has been working at Young Dartington as the climbing instructor since it started in 1991 and in 2008 together with Theo she took over running YD and they have loved every minute of it!

Indie has been running her own outdoor company ‘Indie Outdoors’ for many years. She is a qualified teacher and International Mountain Leader and was the president of the British Association of Mountain Leaders from 2003 – 2006.

Theo has been involved with YD for 10 years running the camp and dressing up as Captain Yellowbeard the pirate for Adventure and taking the children on fabulous adventures in search of treasure. He has worked as an outdoor activity instructor for 6 years and is a Mountain Leader.


Carli is currently studying Sociology and Social Policy in Leeds but always has time to come and run our camp for us each summer holiday. She is in charge of all the cooking and meals, shopping and keeping the camp running smoothly. She loves swimming and putting on a wig to dance to Abba each week for the talent show.


Adam is a genuine bush-man! He has explored the jungles of Borneo, learned tracking from native Americans and was brought up by wolves (well, with a slight stretch of the imagination). He runs our bush-craft sessions and is often seen singing or telling stories round the campfire.


Ali has been running pottery at YD for many years and the kids absolutely love her. She inspires them to produce the amazing pieces of work and has her own raku kiln, to fire the children’s creations right in front of their eyes. She is also a qualified teacher and black belt in karate.


Vanessa is an expert of all things woven, stitched or spun. She runs our tie dye and bling activity and has been around at YD for about as long as it’s been going. She loves ikat weaving, indigo tie dye and batik and rock and roll dancing. She helps the kids produce the most amazing work and they proudly wear it for years after.


Andy is our generally-very-useful-person-to-have-around-indeed man. He also helps run adventure and is a dab hand at innovative willow sculpture. During the rest of the year he is a play worker in Torquay. He also tells a lot of bad jokes but don’t tell him I said that!


group photos, adventure, pottery 013
Darren joined YD as a camp leader 4 years ago and says it’s the best thing he does all year. He can turn his hand to anything and helps with the smooth running of the camp.


Rachel runs Mosaics inspiring the kids to create wonderful mosaic tiles. She has worked at YD for many years having been the rock climbing and caving instructor in the past.


circus (65)
Duncan is our incredible circus skills instructor.He has the amazing ability to take on 10-20 kids with no previous experience and within 3 hours have them juggling, stilt walking, hula hooping, spinning plates and more.


Caving (14)
Nathan runs our rock climbing and underground challenge sessions. Nathan is a very experienced rock climber and caver with many adventures under his belt he is also a maths teacher at Sands School in Ashburton.



Park School, Dartington, Devon

img06Our Dartington summer camp takes place on the extensive grounds of Park School. We have exclusive use of the kitchen, classrooms and toilets and have a big open field and lots of woods to play in.


img07Camping is not just accommodation, it’s one of the best activities on offer! Plenty of time to hang out with your new friends, drinking hot chocolate and roasting marshmallows round the campfire, evening games and the (in)famous talent show on the last night…