The time has come to make our decision about Young Dartington 2020, so with great sadness, having weighed up various options and having discussed it with Park School whose facilities we use, we’ve come to the conclusion that YoungDartington can’t go ahead this year.

There are too many obstacles in the way to make it the camp, that we and the children love so much, which is fundamentally about fun, freedom and making new friends.
We will miss all the instructors and the children who make Young Dartington such a wonderful magical place but we are already looking forward to seeing you all in 2021, when we will have the best one ever, if that is possible! 🙂 Thank you for your continued support of Young Dartington, stay safe and have a wonderful Summer.

Love from
Indie and all at Young Dartington

Lots of Arts & Crafts

Come and try your hand at some of our fantastic creative activities. Design and paint clothes, create incredible pottery or build a sun lantern 10 feet tall.

Outdoor Fun

Try your skills at the many exciting outdoor activities we have on offer. From Rock Climbing & Caving to Adventure & Quest Games.

Make lots of new friends

Over the week you will get a chance to meet so many lovely people and whether you are on your own or with friends we guarantee you will have a great time.

Holiday activities for Children aged 8-14 in Dartington, Devon

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Youngdartington is a children’s holiday camp that runs for the first 2 weeks of the summer holidays at Park School in the grounds of the beautiful Dartington Hall Estate.
Each child chooses their favorite 5 activities and they get to do two half days of each activity, though we do ask you to choose 8 in order of preference in case some activities are full.
We have been running since 1991 and have developed a wonderful family feel at YD where the kids come back year after year to meet their old friends and hang out with the instructors who become their friends too.

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Young Dartington was undoubtedly the highlight of my childhood. As a child and young teenager, I would spend the year counting down the days to the summer holidays so I could pack my tent up for a week (or two!) of unbridled freedom: campfire making, river swimming, tree climbing, night walking, not to mention the arts, cooking, laughing, camping, creativity and love that I experienced and learnt there too.

Hannah Jones, 12 year attendee

Life is all about experience, Young Dartington allowed me to grow and develop. It brought natural order to my life from an early age, allowing me to develop consistent and interesting social skills that have helped me to this day.

Elijah Carpenter-Eccles - 11 year attendee

It is very hard to some up what Young Dartington means to me. I am 21 now but have refused to stop calling in to say hello because although i am supposedly mature and wise, without fail i have more fun and silliness at Young Dartington than any where else. I hold a special place in my heart for it, and wouldn't give it up for the world!"

Asher Sai B'Hahn - 11 year attendee