We are very excited to announce we are starting a new children’s summer camp in Bristol!

Every year, our whole team look forward to Young Dartington and it appears you feel the same way! We wanted to create the same opportunities we have here in Devon for children even further afield.

As some of the team are based in Bristol for the rest of the year we thought this was a great place to create something new.  Through lock-down we had a bit of time on our hands so we went looking for a location in the wilds around Bristol and we found the perfect place!

The Summer Wild will be run by much of the same team but we will also be welcoming a few new faces. Because of this we will be offering a slightly different selection of activities and there will be a few subtle changes.

For more information please check out the new website –


Lots of Arts & Crafts

Come and try your hand at some of our fantastic creative activities. Design and paint clothes, create incredible pottery or build a sun lantern 10 feet tall.

Outdoor Fun

Try your skills at the many exciting outdoor activities we have on offer. From Rock Climbing & Caving to Adventure & Quest Games.

Make lots of new friends

Over the week you will get a chance to meet so many lovely people and whether you are on your own or with friends we guarantee you will have a great time.