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Join Captain Yellowbeard the pirate on a quest to find his lost treasure. Solve puzzles, complete challenges and earn gold coins, then give Yellowbeard a good soaking in the final waterfight. Then in your next session build a raft, find the treasure map and search the island for Yellowbeard’s treasure chest.27



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Basic: £190 per child per week (£2 increase on 2014)

Camping: £132 (£2 increase on 2014)

Picnic lunch (included in camping): £20 (no increase since 2013)


Rock climbing: £15 (no increase on 2013)

Underground Challenge: £15 (no increase on 2013)

Adventure: £13 (£1 increase on 2013)

Watersports: £22 (£1 increase on 2013)


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Our First News

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Woop Woop, YD Summer Camps launches its New website 🙂 🙂

Please keep up to date with all the great kids summer activities we have on offer in Dartington, near Totnes in Devon.

Each year it gets better and already we cant wait to see all the familiar faces and all the new ones. If you have any good stories or photos from previous years send them in and well put them up on the site.

We look forward to seeing you all soon.

Big love from all the YD Summer Camp lot 🙂 xx

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