Camping is a big adventure all by itself and one of the favorite activities of many of our kids. It’s a great opportunity to get to know the other children at the camp and your instructors as there is plenty of time to play and socialise.

There is a big field where we play games in the evening before supper, woods to forage for fire wood, see-saws and swings to play on and a games room where in the evenings we have lots of other creative things to try or games to play.

Two evenings a week we go to the local outdoor swimming pool and splash around which is a great way to build up an appetite before supper!
When we have a small enough camping group we can all go to the Moors together and go “weaselling” which involves squeezing between and scrambling over rocks on Dartmoor.
On the final evening we always have a talent show where both kids and adults invent and practice clever, funny, skillful or just downright silly acts to perform in front of the rest of the camp. You don’t have to do anything but there are prizes if you get voted as the best act! There is a piano for musically clever people to show off their skills and you can always bring your own instrument (as long as it’s not worth much money!).
There is no TV or computers but no-one ever seems to miss them.
Food is 100% homemade with love and care and is the best balance we can find between being healthy and still appealing to kids. We make vegetable pasta bake, cottage pie, chicken mexican style tortilla wraps, jacket potatoes with various fillings and a variety of homemade desserts like pineapple upside down pudding and banana split. You can always help make dinner if you like but washing up your plate afterwards is compulsory! We have a recipe page on this site.